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Grimmie xLove64

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Grimmie xLove64 is a male Gamer, Otaku from Sydney, NSW. He has been a member of this site for 23 months.

So far Grimmie xLove64 has earned 816pts and has 1254 views!

Hello Wizards, Witches & Grimmlans (TeamGrimmie).

I am a very Passionate Gamer. I play All Genres, and All Platforms.

Harry Potter is my life, and I am obsessed with the Actress "Emma Watson" (Hermione Granger), and obviously Christina Grimmie.

I am heavily into Fantasy, Medieval, Norse Mythology & World War.

I also love Anime, Manga, and Books.

My favorite games are Halo, Zelda, Tomb Raider, The Elder Scrolls and League of Legends.

"Don't make a girl a promise....If you know you can't keep it".

"Your Beauty shines brighter then the Sun. It keep's me warm through the Winter and Lighten's my world when It Darkens".

(In Noctem~R.I.P To Those Who He Has Lost) "The Boy Who Lived", Harry Potter 4Ever ?

* Xbox Live: HpBoii
* PSN ID: HpBoii-7
* Steam: ZeldaxLove64Fan

Mischief Managed

Team Grimmie Rawks! \|/

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