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  1. Good To Be Back..

    Posted 08/09/13 0

    Well, its been awhile since ive been here, but the ranked #1 blogger is back, man Christina's new album is so amazing, how is everyone doing with there cds? And main questions, Favorite Song? Read More »

  2. Chillin @ the Mall &...

    Posted 05/31/12 0

    Christina Grimmie happened to go off on my Iphone and saw 2 people jammin, made my day. :) Love and miss all you guys/girls. Read More »

  3. #1

    Posted 04/12/12 3

    After all the views and everything, I love to hop back on the Blogs, and see myself as #1. Love you Grimmie, and love all her fans. Read More »

  4. Guess who is back...

    Posted 12/21/11 2

    http://youtu.be/aZBOlBrEqMU Check out my stuff and subscribe and share, and I'm back at this site. ;) Read More »

  5. I'm back forever yuu guys!

    Posted 11/26/11 3

    Did anyone miss me!! :) Read More »

  6. I quit..

    Posted 11/03/11 12

    I'm done, I cant have the number 1 blog fairly, so I'll not lower myself to spamming like the 2 losers ahead of me. :) Read More »

  7. Christina

    Posted 10/30/11 4

    Title says it all. I Read More »

  8. This is sad..

    Posted 10/30/11 8

    I've realized 2 things today. 1. I lost all my basketball talent, I literally can only dribble now.. 2. If I ever meet Christina, it wont be special, I'll be happy, but I want her to "Know me", I probably wont even ever get the chance, why am I so lame. Read More »

  9. I hate Spammers.

    Posted 10/26/11 24

    Im now 2nd becuz of this guy's spamming, lame. Read More »

  10. I'm 7 away from...

    Posted 10/23/11 8

    1000 views, lets do this tonite xD Read More »

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