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  1. Hey guys!!

    Posted 11/24/14 5

    News for you all; I almost got accepted for The Voice Australia, it was so close! I made it though all but the very last one of the audition phases! Also, I just finished my final year of schooling, I'm graduating tomorrow which is amazinggg .. Everyone says that they'll miss school and all, but I'm so glad that its finally over .. Like i could not be happier to be starting the next chapter of... Read More »

  2. Wow so its been ageees .. Firstly, congratulations to Christina for making it not only onto The Voice but into the top three; she deserved to experience something like that after all of her hard work on YouTube! On another note, I really wanna share my own cover with all the people new to this site as you probably haven't seen my channel as of yet :D Here is the link to my newest cover of 'I... Read More »

  3. My cover of 'Burn' by Ellie Goulding :) Read More »


    Posted 01/26/14 0

    My cover of 'Royals' by Lorde, enjoy! - Read More »

  5. Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that I have a new YouTube channel; and I am going to be re-recording all my older covers because I bought a new camera recently (and because my voice has improved A LOT since you guys watched them). I know there's heaps on new people on here since I started but I'm hoping that you'll all enjoy my covers! Heres the link to my most recent song cover... Read More »

  6. Made another song cover!!

    Posted 08/10/13 4

    I finally got around to covering the song "Impossible" by James Arthur like I said I would in one of my other videos :) If you could give it a listen I would REALLY appreciate it! :) Feel free to share it also! :D .. And to all you new people on here, I've got quite a few other song covers on my channel that you may like :) Read More »

  7. :'(

    Posted 07/13/13 3

    That depressing moment when you realise that Christina's new StageIt show is on a Wednesday morning which means I won't be able to see it because I'll be at school .. D': Read More »

  8. New song cover finally!

    Posted 05/18/13 8

    So I finally managed to record a new song cover for you all!! I'm sorry it took so long .. I decided on doing 'Small Bump' by Ed Sheeran .. Please check it out and give me a bit of feedback on how you think I did! Here's the link: :) Would absolutely love to reach 5,000 total views so feel free to share any of my videos; it would reaaally mean a... Read More »

  9. Long time no blog ..

    Posted 05/15/13 10

    Well, I just realised that I haven't written a blog in quite a while, let alone visit this website .. How have you all been? My life has been pretty full on at the moment, as you'd expect for someone in year 11. But recently I found out something about myself; I think that I have social anxiety disorder. I've always been extremely shy, but only after I researched it, I realised that it... Read More »

  10. hmmm ..

    Posted 04/12/13 2

    Why is everything pink?! o.O Completely confused me when the website loaded D: On another note, I promise that I will have a new cover up soon .. Like, I PINKY SWEAR, I will have a cover up within the next 3 days :D Read More »

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