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  1. The Voice Season 6

    Posted 02/20/14 1

    Guess who came in like a wrecking ball! That's right! Christina Grimmie! Read More »

  2. I'm Back!!

    Posted 02/11/14 0

    Hey guys! How ya'll been? It's great to be back ahah :P Read More »

  3. Oooooh! Pretties!

    Posted 07/26/13 1

    *stares at the new look of CGofficial* ooooooh Read More »

  4. Lookin' Pretty Neat

    Posted 05/04/13 9

    How do you guys like the new home page? :P Read More »

  5. Find Me A Cappella

    Posted 05/02/13 1

    Christina just posted an a cappella on her fb page and dayum it's pretty good. Read More »

  6. 2 Years

    Posted 05/01/13 5

    Hah, I just realised that in about 5 months, this site will be 2 years old! We should eat virtual cake then. :P Read More »

  7. The title knows all. And all it shall know is that. How ya'll doing? Read More »

  8. Ponies Ponies Ponies

    Posted 08/12/12 3

    Thanks to some chick I met on Minecraft, I am now a brony >.> Ponies Ponies Ponies! Princess Celestia rules Equestria! And you all go nawww to Fluttershy's cyuteness XD Read More »

  9. 6 Months!!! :D

    Posted 03/26/12 552

    It's been 6 months since my girlfriend and I have gone out WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Read More »

  10. If somebody buys me a batch of cookies for everyone I will give all of yous a cookie each. But guess what guys! I hit 10k in points :D Read More »

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