1. With a nationwide audience now numbering in the tens of millions, and over 280 million combined YouTube views to her credit, pianist and singer-songwriter Christina Grimmie, Top 3 finalist this year as a Season 6 member of Team Adam (Levine) on NBC’s The Voice, joins the artist roster of the new Island Records, and will release her first new single on July 31st , “Must Be Love.”

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  2. #Mustbelove

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    Christina performed at NMPA Awards 2014 and she sang Liar Liar from her first album Find Me, With Love from her last album and one of Bon Jovi’s songs Livin’ On A Prayer.
    Bon Jovi was honored for the NMPA Awards and Christina was asked to perform before and after the speech. 
    If you want to see Christina singing Liar Liar and With Love, watch it from 3:04 but i strongly recommend you to watch the whole video. 

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  4. Coming soon to a radio near you: The sequel to Christina Grimmie’s musical career.
    From the first video she released on YouTube, to her first album “Find Me,” to her electrifying performances on season 6 of NBC’s “The Voice,” the former Evesham resident Grimmie has won fans and wowed audiences around the world.
    After finishing in the Top 3 as a member of Team Adam (Levine) on “The Voice,” she landed a record deal offer from the Maroon 5 lead singer. This has left members of Team Grimmie wondering what’s next.
    “There are a lot of big things coming up,” said Grimmie, who is currently performing on “The Voice” tour. “I am hopeful of releasing a single possibly in the next month or so. I’ve met a lot of great people over these past few months and the potential leaves me wondering what’s in store as well. It’s an exciting time.”
    With the national exposure and relationship established with her Levine, there is no telling what is in her future.
    “I’m hopeful to write and work with Adam one day,” said Grimmie, 20. “As a coach, he brought out a lot in me. Just by him listening to what I had to say and allowing me to be my own artist — that meant the world. We talked about my stage presence and confidence up there. We combined all of that with my voice and he helped me turn more into an artist than I ever was. I learned a lot on this show.”
    Why it took so long for Grimmie to be offered a record deal has left some of her fans puzzled. Her following on Twitter has reached more than 600,000 while her Facebook likes and YouTube subscribers are close to 3,000,000. Grimmie said record labels are looking for an entire package these days rather than just Internet success.
    “I really don’t have an exact answer as to why I didn’t sign somewhere up to this point,” said Grimmie. “Labels want an artist who is already put together, which means they aren’t looking to develop musicians anymore. You need to have good numbers on social media and iTunes; which I had for the most part, but I was lacking the television exposure.”
    Grimmie has appeared on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” as well as “Dancing with the Stars.” Her reasoning why she decided to test “The Voice” waters is very simple: to keep her musical aspirations going.
    “I did everything I could do up to this point,” said Grimmie. “I felt as if appearing on one show would propel me in my career. I never did something like that so I gave it a shot and it worked out well.”
    Grimmie has advice for artists looking for success and a record deal.
    “It’s all about numbers and creativity,” said Grimmie. “It’s a shame that it’s all about how many followers and how successful you are before talking to a label, but that’s how it is these days. You need to be yourself and be good at what you do.”
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