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  1. Pie

    Posted 08/29/14 npbowman 0
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    That strange moment when you really crave pie for no explicable reason but you don't care at the same time. Pie is pie, and it's good. Read More »

  2. I'm backkk

    Posted 08/27/14 morgan singer 0
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    Been 3 months sense I been on her lol XD . So well I been having a hard year So I'm at a new school know just starting fresh. New school Year new me. I'm single but crushing. I'm 15 and a sophomore Read More »

  3. EnriqueLuvsGrimmie4 avatar

    The end of summer is coming soon,lets all enjoy it while it lasts,im gonna go prepare for football and hockey season to come up lets all enjoy the memories we all create!I personally love summer it is so awesome! Read More »

  4. Choy Wai Seong avatar

    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Read More »

  5. Damian Whitelightning avatar

    Not sure how om feelin' about school right now. It seems like i've missed a lot but really i didn't . IDK what to so anymore. But i'm looking forward to some new music from may bands before this year ends. Read More »

  6. Grace Stanton avatar

    Hey Christina! My name is Grace Stanton. I know that you have absolutely no idea who I am, but I feel like you should understand how much you have helped me. I used to cut myself because my dad always told me that I was not worth anything and that no one cared about me. I remember on the nights that it was the hardest to keep on living I would watch you and Sarah's Above All That is Random 3... Read More »

  7. The Voice Tour

    Posted 08/03/14 Alainakyrstin 0
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    I saw The Voice Tour in Washington yesterday and oh my gosh she did so well! I brought a guy who hadn't ever really heard Christina sing and he was in absolute shock when he heard some of the crazy notes she can hit! Also at one point, the crowd was pretty quiet (it was a really small venue) and there wasn't any music playing because they were switching artists, and Christina came out from... Read More »

  8. Musicmaker22 avatar

    I was in Allentown with my friends bands this is all now in april. I had blasted for there singers 21St birthday !! Read More »

  9. TeamChristina7229 avatar

    Hey guys!! I one hundred percent recommend you listen to Must Be Love. Such a good song!!! I love it!! Almost as much as I love Christina!!! so yeah I recommend it. It's been stuck in my head all day. at least it was that song. and not a different song. like idk. something?So yeah. LISTEN TO IT!! Read More »

  10. Skyscraper26 avatar

    Here's over 500 radio stations that we can request Must Be Love! TEAM GRIMMIE UNITE AND GET CHRISTINA ON THE CHARTS Twitter @CVGUpdates Read More »

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