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  1. EnriqueLuvsGrimmie4 avatar

    Hollywood Undead is so freakin awesome love it listen to them everyday,would love to meet them in person,take a few pictures with them with or without their masks,and post it to my facebook profile as my profile picture,and i will never forget team grimmie team grimmie forever, rawks! Read More »


    Posted 10/19/14 ZELDAGURL 0
    ZELDAGURL avatar

    I think it's AMAZING that grimme loves zelda and it's just like, so amazing.... and i just wanted to gush about it a little.. and now i have.... xD Read More »

  3. Food

    Posted 10/15/14 npbowman 0
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    It's one thing to take a walk to get some food. It's another to be chased by a couple of dogs while you are walking to get some food. I'd rather not be chased by dogs. Read More »


    Posted 10/15/14 ArielTolones 0
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    I spend my whole day just for watching christina's video WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Read More »

  5. GRRR!

    Posted 10/11/14 Marry Riencid 0
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    She's there. But I'm here! So baaaad. Read More »

  6. rosslyn avatar

    So yeah I was there at ATC and christina is really truly absolutely so amazing and has a very cool personality. Believe it or not I got a hug from christina twice and the feeling was so indescribable I guess that's the right word indescribable because it was a dream come true. Of course of all the frands of christina including me we just make christina so happy that she is so touched that she... Read More »

  7. Lloyd Cedric Macasang avatar

    Christina Grimmie is really shocked from what she saw at Alabang Town Center and Trinoma here in the Philippines. She really can't imagined that there are many Team Grimmie in manila, and I saw that she almost cry or let's say she cried.... ^_^ When her manager saw the people screaming, singing and enjoying from her mall tour, they decided to come back here in the philippines. Read More »

  8. hmmmm idk

    Posted 10/04/14 morgan singer 1
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    well i really wanna sing but i have stage fright and if im nervous ill mess up and be really bad -.- like damn i need more confidence. Should i sing????? Read More »

  9. Introduction

    Posted 10/02/14 Thanushka 0
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    Hey. Grimmie fans. I'm new to here.... Read More »

  10. Kim Mallari avatar

    So yeah, Ayala Malls just announced 2 weeks before the event that Christina Grimmie will have mall shows in their malls and all of us were very excited and kinda surprised still we weren't able to prepare for it that much specially those who live far from Manila and those who don't have money for it. Actually I'm not from Manila and my town is more than 3 hours away from the venue and I... Read More »

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