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  1. Cliche \m/

    Posted 03/24/15 Lizzete 2
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    I believed in all your candy hearts, baby You said our castle in the sky would never fall apart Baby I, thought that you could never do wrong you talk like your straight out of a love song I don't buy a word that you say 'cause your love is cliche 'cause your love is cliche Read More »

  2. the biggest grimmie fan avatar

    Intro In the western world, especially American civilization, when asking for a person’s religious standing, the most common response you will encounter is simply “I’m a Christian.” Most people subtly just think to themselves “Oh, okay good. I was worried for second.” But as I have traveled to Israel recently, fervently prayed and studied Scripture, and examined the culture... Read More »

  3. Rawwking Frand avatar

    SO im seeing Maroon 5 tomorrow for a concert. And it reminds me of the good days christina on the voice. she shouldve won. so um, Cliche is coming out monday and i dont have ANY ITUNES MONEY! i am seriously so mad at myself, words cannot express. So my friend mentioned to me, "wat if christina grimmie and maroon 5 went on tour together?" i was like."that would be the best pairing ever, ever... Read More »

  4. Indu V Pillai avatar

    hey guys go and check out "It Must Be Love" ....those who havnt heard it dont waste a time....its damn damn good....grimmie keep on rawwking..\|/ Read More »

  5. EnriqueLuvsGrimmie4 avatar

    My darkest Days i love them so much,every song they make is so awesome,need i say more i just will anyway,totally rawk out for Team Grimmie 4Ever!Gonna Rawk Out now see ya later! Read More »

  6. The Bicycling Guitarist avatar

    First off, greatest congratulations to Christina on her tour of Europe. Getting Paid - AATIR 4 played on a bicycle Lava Lamp (Bubbly) - AATIR 5 played on a bicycle One Big Family - AATIR 6 played on a bicycle and finally I have videos of me playing three of her (and Sarah's) "Above All That is Random" songs from YouTube. I recorded all three of those songs I cover... Read More »

  7. imalain15 avatar

    Here a few photos from christina grimmie Europe Tour. More Photos Read More »

  8. Team Grimmie Argentina avatar

    Lets help the Team :) Read More »

  9. Rhea Regencia avatar

    Hey bae ! Good luck on tour .. Your text to link here... Read More »

  10. Jeroen avatar

    03/02/2015 Before You Exit + Christina Grimmie concert Read More »

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