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    Saw this on her Twitter and I flipped:D Towards the end you hear some of the song! Can't wait!! Must Be Love sneak peek! Read More »

  2. Must Be Love

    Posted 07/29/14 Choy Wai Seong 1
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    2 day guy 2 day !!!!! Read More »

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    this is a joke comments..but if you are interested....then try it!!! Read More »

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    If you like it, great! if not i would be very grateful if you would comment below and give me tips please :) im not finished yet so give me ideas please ... ps. the dotted dots are the length of the word.. sung verse 1: i've known you for a while now, but its been some time that i seen your smile.... But it's soo hard to tell you... Read More »

  5. ChristinnaOF

    Posted 07/26/14 ChristinnaOF 0
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    [img=" Read More »

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    ok so the girl in this video is my friend and she is amazing check it out team grimmie Read More »

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    I had the honor of meeting Christina Grimmie on 7/20/14 at the Meet&Greet on the Voice Tour. I got VIP tickets to the show in St.Louis at the Peabody Opera House. She is the chillest person I have ever met! She was so sweet and I got my picture with her. Even more exciting news, last night (7/22/14) she actually put on Instagram a photo I took with her! Best day of my life was meeting... Read More »

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    Christina Grimmie on the voice inspired me to be on stage. The Malaysian Champ Voice is my first singing competition out of school. We were divided into 5 groups and 5 person for each group. Likes from FB will be calculated as votes from the Internet and it stand 10% of the marks. Now, yu all jz need to like this post and things will be perfectly done!... Read More »

  9. Pluging \m/

    Posted 07/19/14 Darla Grimmie 0
    Darla Grimmie avatar Follow me on Twitter :)) i'm gonna follow you back :D Read More »

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    Christina, just wanted to invite you to listen to one of the best Christian artists, Michael Combs. I am pasting a you tube link to one of his best songs "Not for Sale" Remember Christina, Don't sell out what is right for what is wrong. Read More »

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