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  1. More Grimmie Fan Art

    Posted 11/26/14 jaiwtfy 0
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    Here's another Read More »

  2. Christina

    Posted 11/25/14 Joel Robinson 2
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    I have been a fan of her since her YouTube days and she is such a good role model with what she stands for and being open about her belief in Christianity. As a Christian, it is hard to find role models sometimes because the world is an evil place. Read More »

  3. Hey guys!!

    Posted 11/24/14 IsabellaKhalife 2
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    News for you all; I almost got accepted for The Voice Australia, it was so close! I made it though all but the very last one of the audition phases! Also, I just finished my final year of schooling, I'm graduating tomorrow which is amazinggg .. Everyone says that they'll miss school and all, but I'm so glad that its finally over .. Like i could not be happier to be starting the next chapter of... Read More »

  4. EnriqueLuvsGrimmie4 avatar

    I am team 4Ever ever since i first saw her i instantly fell in love with her,my fanhood is definetely not questined,i will remain loyal and happy for her,i support everything she dose,her songs are top notch,her videos are so awesome,power up is original,plus much more! Read More »

  5. The Bicycling Guitarist avatar

    Back in April I found out the small concrete stage of the band shell at the city park is just big enough for me to turn circles riding my bicycle "no hands" while playing electric guitar through a battery-powered amplifier strapped to the rear rack of my vintage Schwinn ten-speed. Here is a 31 second video clip from YouTube from one of the dozens of free concerts I performed there from... Read More »

  6. Newbie

    Posted 11/21/14 Butterfly 2
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    Hey! My name is originally Katie, but everyone calls me butterfly~ Class of 2017, Goooo Pirates! Sagittarius (I feel old) Joining Tennis (should be lots of fun) I love reading books, listening to music while drinking tea, and traveling. I've been traveling since I was 9 or 10 . I also LOVE taking photography of nature, sometimes I'll take Selfie (but it's rarely). I like to make... Read More »

  7. christinagrimmiexlove64 avatar

    Yo guys! I just posted my very first cover on youtube! I'd LOVE if u could watch it and tell me what do u think! This is something really important for me, so thats why i wanted to share it with all of you, Team Grimmie :D here's the cover! Thank you soooo much :) if you like it, pls share and like it ^^ Read More »

  8. Blessed

    Posted 11/07/14 npbowman 0
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    Blessed beyond measure by the views I have on this website. Blessed for a God whom I serve who loves me for me. Blessed to know I do not have to face life alone. And I'm blessed to be able to share this love with others. Read More »

  9. Teamgrimmierawwkswithgrimmie avatar

    I have a.ways been a christina grimmie fan since the beginning. Her voice is amazing and I am thankful that we have her in this world to brighten everyone else's world. Thank yu christina for being so amazing, and putting that amazing talent out for the world to see. Yu rawwk!!!!! Read More »

  10. jackbarakms avatar

    YES HELLO SORRY HI Read More »

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