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  1. life is hard

    Posted 12/17/14 Hana Grimmie 0
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    just wanna confess some stuff here. ik it's gonna be lame but whatever. this year has been super great yet awful. i experienced a lot of different things and got over it in the same year. weird, i know. but that's just me. always wanted to try new things but i got nothing from it. here's the fun part, after christina posted a vid titled i love you which a vid where she cried because of a movie... Read More »


    Posted 12/14/14 the biggest grimmie fan 0
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    holy crap I have a lot of views 14,164 . COMMENT YOU VIEWS. Read More »

  3. I got a ticket!!!

    Posted 12/13/14 Kimiko1369 0
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    Just got a ticket for Christina Grimmie's StageIt thing! Someone generously bought me one^^ I'm so lucky that there are some nice people out there! :D Read More »

  4. To Christina Grimmie

    Posted 12/05/14 Jesherun 1
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    Can just Cover A new Christian Songs Like Hillsong, casting crowns, kari jobe, Chris Tomlin, Planetshakers Any That is Christian Song ! Please Please Please Read More »

  5. team_grimmie_rawks avatar

    Hai! I don't even know if anyone on here even remembers me I forgot I even had this site! I loved looking threw all my old messages and blog posts, and mostly my bio, it brought back so many nostalgic memories! It doesn't seem like it's been two years since I've been on here tbh. So I thought why not put out a blog post updating yu guys about my life! So one thing I read in my bio was... Read More »

  6. More Grimmie Fan Art

    Posted 11/26/14 jaiwtfy 0
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    Here's another Read More »

  7. Christina

    Posted 11/25/14 Joel Robinson 2
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    I have been a fan of her since her YouTube days and she is such a good role model with what she stands for and being open about her belief in Christianity. As a Christian, it is hard to find role models sometimes because the world is an evil place. Read More »

  8. Hey guys!!

    Posted 11/24/14 IsabellaKhalife 5
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    News for you all; I almost got accepted for The Voice Australia, it was so close! I made it though all but the very last one of the audition phases! Also, I just finished my final year of schooling, I'm graduating tomorrow which is amazinggg .. Everyone says that they'll miss school and all, but I'm so glad that its finally over .. Like i could not be happier to be starting the next chapter of... Read More »

  9. EnriqueLuvsGrimmie4 avatar

    I am team 4Ever ever since i first saw her i instantly fell in love with her,my fanhood is definetely not questined,i will remain loyal and happy for her,i support everything she dose,her songs are top notch,her videos are so awesome,power up is original,plus much more! Read More »

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