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    So yeah, Ayala Malls just announced 2 weeks before the event that Christina Grimmie will have mall shows in their malls and all of us were very excited and kinda surprised still we weren't able to prepare for it that much specially those who live far from Manila and those who don't have money for it. Actually I'm not from Manila and my town is more than 3 hours away from the venue and I... Read More »

  2. WHAT?

    Posted 09/30/14 Vandiiis 0
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    How dose this work? BTW: SHE IS COMMING NORWAY!!! Read More »

  3. EnriqueLuvsGrimmie4 avatar

    I plan to be ghostface from the scream movies for halloween its gonna a great halloween for me,gonna get lots of candy like i always do me being 5'10 dosnt make me look older at all,nobody really asks how old i am,which is good cause if they did i wouldnt get any candy at all! Read More »

  4. Which is better?

    Posted 09/24/14 npbowman 0
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    Which is better: Legend of Zelda or Kingdom Hearts? Let me know what you think ;) Read More »


    Posted 09/24/14 MIKE48 0
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    Well I don't really know if these blog things work well or not but here goes nothing. I have a pretty obvious question so first ill direct my question to Christina then the public. Christina Grimmie will you please accompany myself to the Marine Corps Ball on November 6th in North Carolina? Its quit a lot to ask of someone specially if you've never met and are complete strangers but hey that's... Read More »

  6. Heart For Grimmie avatar

    Christina Grimmie is the best. She is so awesome and cool. Read More »

  7. meganteamgrimmie23 avatar

    Christina Grimmie is freakin amazballz!! she rawwks! Read More »

  8. Live

    Posted 09/14/14 Marry Riencid 0
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    Live life to the fullest. live with love. Keep it up. #GrimmieRawks Read More »

  9. Points

    Posted 09/13/14 KatieKat 0
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    Does anyone know what points are used for? #TeamGrimmieRawks - Kat Read More »


    Posted 09/08/14 Choy Wai Seong 0
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    WOOTBERRIS Read More »

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