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    Long time since they got out and just watched it for like a month after they did. Listened to Grimmie-mixes and they came up again! Now music for another month is decided!!! :D I guess it's mostly supposed to be funny but they're REALLY catchy too ^^ Wish it'd be made more :P Can't you, like, you know, come over here more often :) You came to Gothenburg but I had school and live in a... Read More »

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  3. college freshman

    Posted 04/14/15 19xPeachesx97 0
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    In a strange way I'm doing what I'm doing because of Christina Grimmie. I've always loved music, but when I was shown one video of Christina, it opened up possibilities that i had never thought about. It's been about three years now. But those three years led me to recording. I've always thought that I would be doing something with math and/or science, but here I am a business major with a... Read More »

  4. Spring!

    Posted 04/11/15 EnriqueLuvsGrimmie4 0
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    So far so good spring is here gonna do as much as i can,weather it begoing out to many places,or going to my sisters place in arizona sounds like fun,or go to many bbq's! Read More »

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    Well it was just few days ago I was watching some random video and came across video " TOP 10 Youtube Singer " I found her name and went to her Youtube profile. For few days I did not listen to her music but few days ago Christina released "Cliche" . I love this song and started to listen all of her songs. I think she has some unique style and totally love it. Almost saw all of her videos and I... Read More »

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    Just like the title hope you can come to montreal and btw ur new single is so amazing Read More »

  7. Cliche \m/

    Posted 03/24/15 Lizzete 2
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    I believed in all your candy hearts, baby You said our castle in the sky would never fall apart Baby I, thought that you could never do wrong you talk like your straight out of a love song I don't buy a word that you say 'cause your love is cliche 'cause your love is cliche Read More »

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    SO im seeing Maroon 5 tomorrow for a concert. And it reminds me of the good days christina on the voice. she shouldve won. so um, Cliche is coming out monday and i dont have ANY ITUNES MONEY! i am seriously so mad at myself, words cannot express. So my friend mentioned to me, "wat if christina grimmie and maroon 5 went on tour together?" i was like."that would be the best pairing ever, ever... Read More »

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    hey guys go and check out "It Must Be Love" ....those who havnt heard it dont waste a time....its damn damn good....grimmie keep on rawwking..\|/ Read More »

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    First off, greatest congratulations to Christina on her tour of Europe. Getting Paid - AATIR 4 played on a bicycle Lava Lamp (Bubbly) - AATIR 5 played on a bicycle One Big Family - AATIR 6 played on a bicycle and finally I have videos of me playing three of her (and Sarah's) "Above All That is Random" songs from YouTube. I recorded all three of those songs I cover... Read More »

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